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ServicesLarge Injection Capacity

We primarily manufacture using Japanese injection molding machines which exhibit high precision, reliability, consistency, and excellent quality control throughout the injection process.

We have machines of diverse capacities, with 40 to 860 tons of clamping force, which allow us to produce a large variety of plastic parts.

We are also able to process engineering plastics for the manufacturing of special materials products, using material dryers, circulating liquid temperature control systems for molds, and other auxiliary equipment.

High-precision mold making

We design and build high quality molds, using advanced CAD/CAM (computer aided design / computer aided manufacturing) tools. Our molds are optimized for injection using Moldflow CAE software (computer aided engineering). We have vertical machining centers and refining areas with surface and cylindrical grinding machines, precision instruments, templates and balance table marble plates, all of which enable our shop to fashion molds with very high precision. It is also equipped with machining equipment such as lathes, boring mills, electrical discharge machining devices, and pneumatic sprayers, as well as other necessary devices.

Design and Innovation

Unión Plástica S.A.S. employs a team of engineers who are experts in design, plastic materials, and mold making. These engineers constantly update and upgrade all aspects of production, from mold design to delivery of the finished product, and use CAD software such as Autocad and SolidWorks to design parts and molds according to clients’ needs.