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In order to satisfy clients, Union Plástica S.A.S. fosters worker competencies and continuous process improvement, achieving a high level of customer service and delivery of defect-free products at fair prices. Using up-to-date technology we develop novel designs and innovative products as a means to attract new clients and thus increase sales and profit, while avoiding damage to the environment.



Union Plastica S.A.S. is committed at all levels in the organization to the protection of the environment, during our activities of design and manufacture of injected plastic products, by means of:

  • Compliance with applicable legislation and regulations, and other environmental requirements that the company deems important
  • Pollution reduction and prevention by means of recycling and adequate disposal of waste materials
  • Natural resource conservation by means of water and power rationing
  • Continuous process improvement through adoption of new technologies, which allows the development of an environmentally responsible culture.


Union Plástica S.A.S. is committed to promoting and maintaining a safe and healthy working environment and conditions which contribute to the physical, psychological and social well-being of its personnel, in mission, contractors, and visitors, through the identification, notification, prevention and control of dangers and risks.

The company establishes appropriate procedures, technologies, and control and safety measures, which, through training and awareness of duties and responsibilities, prevent occupational diseases, incidents, and workplace accidents.

To achieve this commitment on a permanent basis, the company will provide the human, financial, technological, and physical resources necessary for the development of programs, based on findings, performance indicators, audits, and preventive and corrective actions, which carry out continuous improvement of the system and comply with applicable legislation and obligations regarding occupational safety and health.



Unión Plástica S.A.S. Is committed to comply with the Statutory Law 1581 of October 17, 2012 that establishes the minimum conditions to carry out the legitimate treatment of personal data of customers, employees and any other natural person.

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